16 August 2015


I really needed a weekend. That sounds silly, because I am unemployed and so theoretically all of my days should be the same, but I really needed two days without feeling like there was something I should be doing to look for a job. 

I took full advantage. 

SHO and I went to a beer fest on Friday night. I do not like beer, but I like fests. I like double-fisting lemonade (strawberry in one hand and mint in the other). I like the crowds and the music. After the lovely sunset, a bit of staring out over the beautiful city, and a brief incident of not being able to find my car on the dark streets in an unfamiliar neighborhood, we came back to my apartment, where my roommate was making bagels and each of the three of us ate two dark chocolate peanut butter cups while talking about our dating experiences.

I met a potential new friend for coffee at a farmers market on Saturday morning. We sat at a table in the middle talking about all of life. The sun shone hotter. I ate red plum sorbetto. 

I took a nap.

Some friends from my old work grilled food on Saturday night. Summer nights in Gone West are perfection: cooling air under clear, spotless skies. M. and I were supposed to go for a sunset hike, but the food was good and the company better, and we stayed instead. The guys played corn hole. The women talked about our old work. We lingered.

Today we hiked. It was warm. We climbed up and up. I sweated off all of my sunscreen, I think, and I kept wiping my eyes to get the sweat away, so now I either have really irritated skin around my eyes or I got a sunburn that makes me look like a raccoon. It's hard to tell at the moment. I will know better tomorrow. 

Neither M. nor I did a good job of eating enough at the right times during the hike, and by the time we got back to Gone West, we were approximately delirious and had to go straight to food. The bar had a big spinning tank of frozen watermelon palomas, so I got one. It turns out they have tequila in them (who knew?) and we had to go take a nap in the shade in the park before I could drive home.

I consider it a victory that I am still awake now at 10:20 pm. I wasn't sure I would make it to 9.

Let the week begin. I'm ready.

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