18 August 2015


Whines of the day:

  1. I did in fact sunburn myself in a ring under my eyes. I look like a raccoon, and it hurts. Also, when my skin is stretched dry and itchy under my eye, it makes me feel like I need to sleep all the time. Maybe because usually my skin feels that way at night? It was very distracting all day yesterday, and then my skin started peeling off in large flakes under my eye. Hot.
  2. I have been babying my right shoulder and icing it and feeding it ibuprofen for over a week. It gets better and worse, but mostly not better. Today I slipped on my rug and had to catch myself with my right arm. Shooting pain. I am unhappy. I have an appointment for acupuncture later. 
  3. My eyes won't stop watering. Thank you unending allergies.

That is all.

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