30 April 2005

traveler's calculations

you know that you travel a lot when you know exactly how long it takes you to go through your various toiletries - but only the ones that you can't buy overseas. i know how long my contact solution lasts, and conditioner and lotion-with-SPF, because i can only buy the brands i like in the US. i have absolutely no idea how long my toothpaste or shampoo lasts, because i can buy them anywhere.

28 April 2005

how the overexcitement affects my counting

it screws it up. yesterday was technically 18 days until i arrive in rwanda. but it was after midnight Africa time when i wrote that entry, so it was kind of like 17 days... anyway, so today is 17, for sure. maybe 16.5.

27 April 2005


i'm pretty much ready to go to africa except for the vital issues of:

1. international driving permit
2. packing.

packing is slightly more vital because it includes such things as figuring out if and how i will be able to fit everything i need to bring into one (one!) suitcase. i currently hate myself for being cheap and buying two separate tickets to get myself to africa and thus limiting myself to one bag. i keep reminding myself that i need to bring only enough to get through the summer in a camping sort of fashion, not enough to live well and occasionally bring out something new like nice-smelling candles. i can have nice-smelling candles when i get back to the US. i don't need them in Tanzania. Still, i'm stuggling with three things:

1. hiking boots (come on, i need them!)
2. books (come on, i need them!)
3. presents (no question, i'm going to have to cough them up when i get to rwanda)

if i had the space, i'd love to bring my tennis racquet and a nice pillow... i'm really stuggling to think in terms of camping. and i want all of my clothes with me. impossible, i know. i'm going to start making and trimming lists very soon, in lieu of studying property, torts, and admin.


17 days until I arrive in Rwanda

why this blog exists

okay, so when i said that i would use capitals, i didn't mean all the time. that's too much work. what i meant is that i won't avoid using them. but really, i've gotten so used to microsoft word taking up my slack and capitalizing things that i think i've forgotten how to do it myself. also it hurts my carpal tunnel to use the shift key.

this blog has a specific purpose, which is to tell the stories of my upcoming summer in africa. i may post some old stuff that i wrote when i lived in rwanda, but really the intention of this one is to give news to those who don't feel like getting mass emails from me all the time.

I think I'll use capitals in this blog.

as needed.