24 June 2015

supper not dinner

A couple of weeks ago, I realized that one of my problems with my current sleep-wake-eat-work schedule is the part where I ate breakfast at 5:30 am and supper at 7:30 pm. Days were not intended to be 14 hours long. There is too much time to be hungry in there, and I couldn't sleep when it was time to sleep because I'd just eaten.

Enter the world of bringing two meals a day with me to work. 

Now I make up three different things in the evenings: a pint jar of chai (loose-leaf masala with roasted coconut flakes), a small container of lentils/rice/cheese, and a bigger flat container of sweet potato with cheese. 

It's working out pretty well. I now eat my supper at 4:30 at work, which is about the right time, I think. 11 hours between breakfast and supper* is about right. 

People keep thinking I'm eating macaroni and cheese when I microwave the sweet potato. I think it's the smoked sea salt. In fact, since the same people come in the kitchen at about the same time every day, there are now people who recognize my lentils and rice at lunch as well as people who recognize my sweet potato and cheese at supper. 

I am nothing if not predictable, food-wise. (What? It makes life so easy. And I look forward to it every day, until I don't, and then I change it. It usually takes years.)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch in the city, I sleep so much better when I go to bed five hours after eating than when I went to bed two hours after eating. Eating a full meal so close to bedtime was really messing up my circadian rhythm. 

Yes, my life really is this boring right now. At least, the bloggable part of it is. 

Other things? Well, it's all top secret. Super extra top secret. You will never know. Until you do. If I tell you. 

* I grew up saying supper, and then somewhere along the way I started calling it dinner, and then when I called this dinner, my roommate said that eating a sweet potato at 4:30 pm sounded like supper, not dinner. So there you go.

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