29 June 2015


Things that have happened:

  1. There have been forecasts of over 100 degree F (38 C). It's only gotten up to 97 here and 99 in State City, but I am taking non-hot showers on purpose, which is unlike me. I am also sleeping without a sheet over me, which is also unlike me. And I speak as someone who lived in South Sudan, people. This heat is nothing. I'm getting soft in my old age. 
  2. We floated the a river. Unlike the river in Universe City, this one has some little rapids, which means that there is a little excitement in between long periods of drift, and if you aren't careful, you might bump your butt on the rocks. (I only scraped once. No jolts.)
  3. I was really thirsty after floating the river, so I stopped at the local gelateria and got a combination of passion fruit and lemon sorbetto. Then I went back in and bought a pint of the passion fruit. Every bite reminds me of Rwanda, where I would eat them for breakfast in Kigali and make juice out of them in Kibuye. They got harder and harder to find the longer I was there, allegedly because the juice factory was buying them all up.
  4. There was a Naked Bike Ride. I did not participate, but I did go to the party at the beginning, where it felt like the entire city was naked. The intention of the naked bike ride is to publicize the vulnerability of bicycles compared to cars. There were lots of naked people, but when so many people are naked, it just feels normal.
  5. The new season of Orange is the New Black came out. I have disappeared into that wormhole.

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