14 June 2015

day of minor disasters

As I gathered my things together to run some errands earlier today, I knocked my library books against the terrarium that holds my little air plant. It fell off the top counter onto a lower one, directly into a pyrex bowl.

Which is handy, because most of the sand and pebbles from the terrarium landed directly in the bowl, safely contained. So did all of the broken glass.

I sighed and threw away the glass and brushed the rest of the sand off the counter into the bowl (although I did find pebbles strewn across the floor later).

Off I went to C0stc0, because I needed this shampoo that they only sell at roadshows at C0stc0 (or you can buy it online for 50% more), which is the only shampoo that doesn't make my scalp itch these days, and which is only available at certain C0stc0s on certain dates.

It was either drive across state lines to C0stc0 today or drive three hours to Sunny Ski Town next weekend.

While I was at C0stc0, I figured I'd get some gas. I pulled in behind a little pickup with a canopy on the bed, waiting my turn.

The lady driving the little pickup, however, was not patient about waiting her turn, and she put her little pickup in reverse and backed into me.

Well, into my car. Not into my person.

I honked, but it was too late.

Her truck was a lot taller than my little Civic, so she'd made a perfect notch in the middle of my hood.

It still opens.

My car is 18 years old.

That's about all I have to say about that. It's probably not worth getting it fixed.

It did distract me enough that I forgot that I'm supposed to pump my own gas in Other PNW State. The gas station attendant was helping us with the collision situation and so was nice enough to start the gas pump for me which, combined with the fact that it's been 13 years since I lived in a place where I routinely pumped my own gas, well. I forgot.

The guy behind me had to come up and say, "That pump has been stopped for about ten minutes. Are you going to move?"

"I'm waiting for the guy to come back and... Oh." I said. "I forgot that I have to do that myself here."

It only took two stores to find something that would suffice for the terrarium, although it's not, sigh, the same as it was.

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