13 June 2015


This morning I started making a mental list of all the reasons why weekends are the best. It started like this:

  1. Eleven hours of sleep.
  2. Eating chocolate with breakfast. (I do this. Every weekend. I have no excuses; it just happens.)
  3. Lounging about getting ready for the day at a leisurely pace.
  4. Having time to organize the reusable container drawer when it won't close instead of just shoving it shut and running off to work.
  5. That sunshine on the wood floor.
I eventually made it out of the house to do lovely weekend things like shop for a card and go to my friend's graduation party, where there was ridiculously amazing mole. 

When I got home, I meant to get a book and go read it in the tiny square of a garden we have, but I made a critical mistake: I sat down and started sorting the truly shocking stacks of papers on my dresser. (This has to be done in anticipation of my parents and my Aunt K. coming to visit in a few weeks.)

It was terrible. 

Problem number one is that this is a miserable task, leading me to feel miserable and bored just about instantly, but the stack is so big that I felt like I couldn't stop. 

Problem number two is that some of the items I was sorting dated from 2009. Two Thousand and Nine. That is how much I have to sort. It feels never ending.

Problem number three is that the stack is full of things that make me feel sad and/or nostalgic: birthday cards from former coworkers, the folded paper from the memorial service of a coworker I still miss, rejection letters from jobs to which I applied. 

Problem number four is that after sorting, the papers that are not being recycled need to be placed in their proper place, which turns out not to exist for many of them. My filing cabinet is missing folders for some of them, and a bunch of folders had been transferred from a box into the filing cabinet but not arranged at all, and the folders in the filing cabinet were in no particular order. I moved all the folders into alphabetical order, but there are still some I haven't made yet, and so now my floor is covered with papers, where before it was just the dresser covered with papers.

Finally I got so cranky and frustrated that I gave up and walked to Wh0le F00ds and bought some coconut ice cream. That'll show 'em.

Who? I don't know. I'm just cranky now. Apparently dealing with papers will ruin a perfectly good weekend day. 

That's... probably why I have so many unsorted papers.

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