06 May 2015


I dried my laundry out in the breeze on Sunday afternoon, hanging it all first over the outdoor table and the metal chairs and the string that I'm pretty sure was supposed to be for beans to climb and then, after I bought clothesline at the hardware store and strung it around the fence, I re-hung it all over the clothesline. (No clothespins. I still don't have those.)

I mentioned this on Monday, and the other woman in my carpool said, "Oh, I love it when I can line-dry my towels."

"You do?" I asked. "Why?"

"They get all crunchy," she said. "I like them that way."

Which is really weird. I didn't know people preferred that. I line dry things because it's better for the fabric and better for the environment, but if those factors did not exist, I would take a soft dryer-dried towel any day. 

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