03 May 2015


I had a list of things to do today, but I did a different set of things instead. 

Instead of running a million errands like I thought I should, I cut up some pretty wrapping paper and put it in frames I already had and hung them on the wall. Without, I might add, a level. I think they look okay, though. Not too crooked. I measured from the crown molding down, and it mostly worked, even though this is an old house and the house itself is crooked from settling into the earth.

I bought some hooks and put up a hanging lamp in the corner. With that corner now otherwise decorated, I moved the Rwandese cow dung painting across the room. 

I added a couple of nails in the kitchen and living room to hang things that have been sitting around, like my Oma's big red wooden key to hang other keys on and my Grandma's little set of Dutch egg cups.

For a long time, my walls have been bare. I can't afford real art, so I left them blank, or I put things that I had onto a nail at whatever height there already was a nail. 

Today I decided to stop making the perfect the enemy of the good and just hang things properly already. I've lived here for seven months, and it was time. I'm tired of feeling transient. 

I bought clothesline and strung it around the fence in the square of outdoor space we have, so that I could hang my clothes to dry in this brilliant sunshine.

I colored my adult coloring book (I have the mandalas one), which is remarkably enthralling. It's meditative. I used to have Bejeweled on my phone and I would play it and get lost in frustration and annoyance and I couldn't stop, and this is the opposite. I start coloring and I get lost in movement and color and I can't stop.

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