27 April 2015

they are wrong

I woke up this morning to the same knee pain I felt yesterday on the hike. 

I limped down the stairs. 

But then, I know! I thought. I will ice my knee on the way to work. That will help. That is, after all, what they recommend. They, they, the all-knowing they.

So I did. I drove to work with an ice pack tied onto my knee with a towel.

That turned out to be a huge mistake. Remember how, while hiking, it was sitting in the cold that made my knee hurt? So did icing it. 

I almost had to call in a Search and Rescue team AGAIN to carry me on a stretcher into work. There was limping. There was whining. 

And so I didn't do any stairs today (sob), even though my knee felt better once it warmed up. I feel like a sloth.

However! I did get an amazing package in the mail, filled with things from the Netherlands: plates and chocolate and stroop wafels and an alpaca shawl (actually from Peru) and pretty things to put on my wall. 

A package of things from the Netherlands makes up for a whole lot of knee pain. 

Also, now I know better: no ice. They are wrong.

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