30 April 2015

skittles and starburst

This morning I accidentally dumped my bowl of breakfast cereal into a drawer in the bathroom. 

It's kind of hard to explain how that could happen. I was carrying my bowl of cereal in one hand and my sinus rinse bottle in the other. I was going to go into my bedroom to sit facing the happy light while I ate, and I had just warmed up the sinus rinse in the kitchen, so I was going to set it on the bathroom sink. 

I set down the sinus rinse and then something happened. I can't remember what. Maybe I decided to try to pluck an eyebrow hair? 

Anyway, I set my bowl of cereal down on the corner of a built-in drawer that was partway pulled out and it promptly fell over into the drawer and filled the drawer with cereal and milk.

I've used this corner before. I know that it is perfectly sized to handle the bowl of cereal. I just missed it somehow, this morning. 

So then I had to rinse off the brush, comb, and curling iron that were in the drawer. I pulled the drawer all the way out and rinsed it out in the kitchen.

I didn't even bother to re-fill the bowl. I just ate what was left (about half of it). 

Then I used the blowdryer on my hair brush. What? I needed to be able to brush my hair, and a wet brush does weird things to my hair.

It was only the start of a bad day for food. 

I forgot my lentils and rice for lunch.

I forgot my chocolate covered almonds for snacks.

I got the wrong filling in the tacos I bought for lunch. (I should have gotten one chicken and one veggie and combined them. There was too much chicken and not enough other flavor.)

I pretty much survived the day on skittles and starburst, and my stomach is making me pay. 

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