26 April 2015


I learned something today. Namely, I learned that I am getting old.

I learned this on about mile 6 of a 10 mile hike, after about 2300 feet of elevation gain. 

How did I learn this?

Well, I sat down with the rest of the group at the pinnacle of our hike. It was cold in the shade, and I was sweaty from the hike up, so I put on all my layers - long sleeves and midweight and raincoat. 

When we all got up and started down the hill, I was still cold. 

I took a few steps downhill, and my knee started hurting so badly that I thought I was going to need the Search and Rescue people to come up and carry me down on a stretcher. 

The crazy thing is that it stopped hurting so badly when it warmed up. (Then it only hurt a little, as it always does on the downhills.)

I am an actual old person.

Which isn't going to stop me from doing 10 mile hikes, nope.

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