25 April 2015

stubborn and cheap

The weather report led us all to believe that it would rain all day today. When I woke up to sunshine, I figured it was a spring fluke and the rain would take over soon.

Not so. The sun stayed while I cleaned the bathroom. 

I shook out the rugs and laid them over the railing in the sunshine, but before I left the house I made sure to take them in, anticipating rain.

Not so. The sun stayed while I went for a walk in a hilly neighborhood where I sought out the steep hillside staircases to run up and down them in anticipation of a difficult hike tomorrow. 

The sun stayed while I took pictures of my favorite orange poppies.

The sun stayed while I got tea and worked on my resume.

In fact, the sky is clearer than it has been all day, despite the (greatly reduced) chance of rain that the weather app predicts for 6 pm. 


Sometimes I reap the benefits of being cheap. 

I've been putting off buying another pair of summer shoes, despite weather that necessitates wearing summer shoes. 

The reason I don't have summer shoes: the last few years, I have just worn (nice) flipflops all the time, including to work, and then changed into flats when I had to be more formal - if you know what kind of work I was doing, you know what I mean - but the flats I wore were not real leather and it didn't matter because it was only for a short time each day. This year, I will have to wear the same shoes all day because I have to be on all day, and my feet have revolted against non-leather shoes. I will not go into detail, for y'alls' own sakes.

So I kept putting it off, wearing the same two pairs of leather shoes on alternating days when the weather was nice, and stalking a pair of purple shoes that I have been wanting. I saw them for a reasonable price a couple of months ago, and then for months they just WOULD NOT go down in price. They were at an expensive store. I like nice things but not their prices.

Finally, FINALLY, after three months of watching their price, they went down to the price I saw them at in January when I couldn't afford them yet due to that whole digging-out-of-self-employment things. I just ordered them online.

I win at being stubborn and cheap.

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