14 February 2015

most special

I spent the afternoon meandering around the waterfront with a friend. 

First, though, first I opened my Valentine's Day present from my mom and dad, which was possibly my favorite present I've ever gotten. I mean, you can try, but it's unlikely that you will ever get me a present that is as special as the one I got today. (I used the word special on purpose there, Momma.)

My Valentine's Day present from my parents was a tile of my Oma's family crest. 

My mom had gotten it in the mail from her distant cousin in the Netherlands after they had them made for a family reunion last summer (to which we were invited but could not go, because it was on a different continent and all). Momma had it on the wall in their house when I was home for Christmas, and I wanted one desperately. 

My mom reminded me that what I actually said over Christmas when I asked her to check if her cousin had any more of them was, "because A. will get that one when you die." 

Okay, so there was a reason for that, which is that I don't want to fight about any of the stuff when we have to do that awful divvying up some day. The stuff doesn't matter, and I don't want it to start mattering just because I have wanted that tile forever.

But also, my sister has my Oma's name and so, somehow, I think I feel like she has more of a right to it. 

My mom sent me the one she had, and her cousin sent her another one that just arrived. So now I have my own, hanging on the wall in my living room, and it is the most special present.

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