15 February 2015

making home

For a long time, I've always been looking toward the next thing. 

While I was living in Universe City, I lived in a house full of someone else's decor, and I was always hoping to get back to Gone West.

While I was working crazy hours in Gone West, living in a house that didn't feel like home, I was planning a move to the Mitten.

When I came back to Gone West after trying to move to the Mitten (a year ago this week), I was homeless and un(der)employed.

Now, for the first time in almost five years, I have a place that feels like home and a job that I love. 

I am here, and I do not intend to leave. (Except maybe to move across town to be closer to the road that starts my commute. But not any time soon.)

It's time to start decorating.

I've never really decorated before, and I don't have much in the way of money (thank you, 2014, year of brokeness out from which I am still digging myself), but I had to do something. Something had to change. I've had the same duvet cover since 2006 (red, with white vines and flowers). I couldn't take it anymore. I was so bored with it that my eyes wanted to fall out of my skull.

Friday or possibly yesterday, I've already forgotten, I picked up a set of teal sheets on clearance. I washed them this morning, and put them on my bed. 

They are so pretty that it seemed a shame to put the same boring red duvet cover back on, so I went for the cheapest possible replacement for the duvet cover: a navy cotton bedspread from 1ke@. Between the teal and the navy and some olive in the form of a couple of pillowcases and an old throw I have, things are looking totally different in here. I love it. I love it, love it, love it.

(I miiiiiiiight also have picked up a teal rug that was on clearance. But I will assert my right against self-incrimination under the 5th amendment if pressed on that.)

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