14 January 2015


There are two checks in envelopes ready to be mailed tomorrow, one to the 1RS and one to State of Happiness. I am paying over 1/3 of the money my business made after expenses last year in taxes (it would be less, but loan repayment assistance program, etc.) 

I have never been prouder of any checks I've ever written. 

I didn't make much last year (I barely broke even until the fourth quarter) and dealing with the accounting for my own law firm nearly killed me, but I made that money myself, and I lived on the small amounts of it that I got to use, and now I am contributing to the roads and schools and social services of my state and country. 

I did that.

(I did not, however, manage to make either of my goals for this evening. They were so simple: 1. do laundry, and 2. get to bed on time. 

0 for 2.)

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