12 January 2015


This morning I got up at 5:20 am. Which might explain why it is 7:55 pm and I have already showered and I am sitting in my bed with my pajamas on ready to apply my evening potions to my skin. 

I do have a pyrex of pomegranate seeds next to me, so I'm not going to sleep just yet. And I have Hart of Dixie on Netflix.

I used to be all, "I don't watch tv!" and then my roommate turned out to have Netflix and shared the password with me and what do you know? Now I watch tv. It's happening. 

Yesterday I went to an artisanal ice cream shop and tried the seasonal flavors. I used to get the salted caramel all the time, but the seasonal flavors intrigue me. I tried a lemon meringue and a black mole. (I have just literally no idea how to put the accent mark on the e in mole. Imagine it there.)

I ate a scoop of the black mole (with imagined accent mark), that actually looked like a dark purple. It was almost not sweet enough to count as ice cream, but it was filled with spices and nuts (nuts: good in ice cream, unacceptable in baked goods). 

Then I went directly to meet some friends for ping pong, and I had to put on colored lip balm before I walked in because my mouth was blue from the mole (with imagined accent mark). I looked like a kid who'd just finished the wrong color popsicle. 

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