18 January 2015


I keep checking the weather, hoping that the 100% chance of rain every hour for the next twelve hours will change. It doesn't. The good news is that it has changed for Monday, making my hopes of a little hike more possible.

I have some friends coming into town from Universe City today. This makes me happy. Sometimes I forget that I have friends all over this country - and the world, really - because I am caught up in the daily business of getting up and going to work, and it's fun to realize that the people you leave behind - or who leave you behind - aren't really gone. 

I was walking to work in [new work city - I haven't come up with a name yet] the other day and suddenly someone screeched to a halt across the street and jumped out to hug me. It was one of the same friends I am meeting tonight. She just happened to have something going on in my new work city. 

As my friend said long ago in South Sudan: the world is small and round, and people always meet.

I like that about it.

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