20 January 2015

mixed up sleep

I screwed up my sleep schedule but good this weekend. 

First there was the fact that I had to bring my roommate to the airport at 7 am on Saturday. No problem, right? I just went to bed around 11:30, got up at 7, brought him to the airport, tossed and turned for an hour or so, and slept until, uh, 12:15. Ish. Maybe 12:16. 

So then on Saturday night I closed down a karaoke bar, which I haven't done since I don't know when. (The closing down a bar part, not the karaoke part, because karaoke is something I have never done, and did not do on Saturday. I did sing along to Blank Space, but not with a microphone, so I'm good.) I went to bed around 3:45 am. I had to get up at 8:30 to bring my visiting friends back to their car, and then I went back to bed again until noon. I set an alarm for noon. I knew that getting back on the week's schedule would be disastrous otherwise.

But good news! Monday was a holiday. I got up at 9, which is perfectly respectable, and I almost got to be on time last night. Sleep disturbance: almost cured.

And I don't have a commute tomorrow, so my recovery may soon be complete.

If only I didn't have an ear that has closed itself off. It's from the cold still, I think, a month on. I am taking bets on whether this is just 1. a closed off ear from a cold with some pain from cracked eczema skin, or 2. an ear infection that I am going to ignore until I am sobbing in pain.* I guess 3. could be a mild ear infection that cures itself. Guesses, anyone?

* The funniest part about the fact that all of my minor ailments get written up here is that they never actually stop me from working. I haven't taken a real I-am-so-sick-I-can't-get-up sick day since I can't remember when. Maybe when I had strep throat in law school? Except I think I went to class anyway. I maybe would have taken one over Christmas break the day that my mom and sister and I all skipped the family party. That was a not-good day, for any of us.

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