08 January 2015


I keep not writing because I want to gush about my new job, only I can't, because jobs are not blog fodder. 

I have a commute now. A commute that is not the usual stumble-half-asleep-out-to-the-bus-stop half an hour before I have to be in and ready for a meeting. Now I have a commute that can be fully an hour and a half each way when traffic is bad. 

That would be utter misery if there were not some alleviating factors, like everyone understanding that the commute is bad and working around it via things like leaving early in both directions. 

Which, if you know me at all, tells you something about how much the rush-hour commute is to be avoided: I despise getting up early. Despise.

It also tells you something about how much I like this job: I am willing to get up early and handle the commute in exchange for doing a job that is pretty fantastic.

Now I must go to bed. Morning shows up early.

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