10 December 2014


Hours spent on the phone with various health care providers and health insurance companies today: approximately 2.5.

Why: I paid extra this year for an insurance plan that purported to have better prescription coverage, only to find that the company excluded a bunch of my prescriptions from their generic coverage (even though they ARE generics), costing me even more than the extra I was already paying for the insurance I thought would cover them.

Result of prior insurance coverage: I am currently not taking most of my allergy medication. I have sinus headaches on the regular again.

Result of today's 2.5 hours on the phone: an insurance plan that is $60 less per month and covers everything I need at generic prices, with one or two necessary prior authorizations.

Further result of today's 2.5 hours on the phone: I now know that no one really knows how health insurance works. I had to piece together whether my prescriptions would be covered with information from two insurance companies, two doctors' offices, one pharmacy, and one medical records company.

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