11 December 2014

two randoms

I randomly really like Taylor Swift's new song Blank Space. 

Only, true confessions, that line where she says, "Got a long list of ex-lovers"?

Until I looked up the lyrics a week ago, I thought she was saying, "Gotta love my Starbucks lovers," and I thought she might be talking about writing the guy's name on the coffee cup in the, um, blank space. 

Even now that I know the truth, I sing along incorrectly about half the time. 

Yeah, that's embarrassing.

(ETA: Or not so embarrassing. I am not the only one.)


Driving home this afternoon, I was on a pretty main road, the sort of road with two lanes in each direction and a middle turn lane that occasionally turns into islands to keep the pedestrians safe.

Suddenly there was a man walking down the middle of the street, brown hair blowing in the wind, with his hands out like he was holding bicycle handlebars. 

And he wasn't just walking. He was grinning, turning the handlebars and his body like he was speeding down a hill.

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