09 December 2014


State of Happiness is the land of rainbows. We do not have to content ourselves with the occasional pretty spectrum of colors in the sky here, because it so often rains and suns at the same time that rainbows are numerous and brilliant. Double rainbows are not uncommon. 

Today, driving back to Gone West from a meeting, there was a short but very wide and very bright rainbow over on the right side of the highway. I'm actually not sure I've ever seen another rainbow like it. It was nearly as wide as it was tall.

I tried to take a photo through my windshield, as one does, while driving 60 mph on the highway (I was merging, otherwise I would have been driving faster), but it was too far away and the iPhone does not exactly specialize in zoom. 

You will have to settle for my description: short, wide, bright. 

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