08 November 2014

[8] saturday

I slept in deliciously late today, and then I got up and had breakfast and read the internet, and then I took a nap.

It was sunny, and the sunshine fanned across my floor while I napped.

When I got up for good, I rearranged my room, trying to figure out where to place the bookshelves and dressers so that 1. the heater isn't blocked, and 2. the room doesn't look so empty (it is really big). 

Then I went for a long walk, with my phone, to take photos and pick up some books at the library. I took lots of pretty photos, between the sunlight and the autumn leaves.

I was on the phone with T. while I was checking out my books at the library, passing them over the screen that scans them. A likely-homeless guy walked up and said, "Hey, you got here fast. You were just down the street."

Sometimes it is a great relief to be able to motion apologetically at the phone.

That reminded me of last night, when I was in the parking lot of the grocery store and a homeless guy on the other side of my car cheerfully said, "Hi! How are you?" and then sort of backed off, but I kept an eye on him as I loaded my car, and finally I rolled down my window and said, "Is everything okay?" 

He said that he was trying to get money for a bus pass to get downtown, but that he thought he scared me earlier, so he left me alone.

I keep a couple of dollars in my console just for this type of occasion. (Not visible, obviously. I already drive the most stolen type of car. I don't need to add visible things to steal.) I also had one bus pass left.

"I have a bus pass," I said, holding it out to him.

Then I saw his expression. "Or would you rather have a dollar?"

He took the dollar.

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