09 November 2014

[9] backup

I really am not in the best frame of mind for blogging right now.

All of my technology is teetering on the edge of the abyss. My iphone has no memory for updates or backups. My computer takes half an hour to start, and it crashes when I open too many documents.

Today, my flash drive bit it. 

I have had this flash drive since 2006, in Liberia, when my prior flash drive disappeared at work one day (read: it was stolen) and my work gave me a new one to replace it. So I probably should have expected the thing to die sooner or later, and the error messages when I opened documents from it lately should have told me that the death would be sooner.

I ignored that, obviously, since here I am, spending my evening trying to retrieve the documents that once lived on that flash drive.

The one good thing is that the part of the flash drive that seems to have survived intact is the part that contains random things I wrote, just to remember them. 

The other good thing is that I backed up my work documents to another flash drive just last week.

The very very bad thing is that I have written many cover letters that I saved to that flash drive, and my usual method of writing a new cover letter is to start by looking at the old ones, which now are no more. I am starting from scratch again. Well, scratch and the tedious search through emails and job search websites where I may find copies of my old ones.

Note to self: when a flash drive starts giving you error messages when you try to open Word documents? 


Sheesh. It's like I was born yesterday.

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