07 December 2013

still cold

For some reason, this swathe of State of Happiness has decided to take on the winter characteristics of the Mitten. I am less than pleased. I disapprove of all temperatures south of freezing, particularly for a place that I count on for 40 degree days that chill you to the bone with damp rather than actual cold.

Mostly I'm just annoyed because I no longer own the right equipment for weather like this. I've been getting away with cute little cardigans the last few years, but weather like this scoffs at them. Without good thick layers and a winter coat (also a thing I do not have), the cold is piercing. Piercing, I tell you.

I don't even know what to buy first. I feel like a kid standing in the middle of a circle of toys, running to one and then dropping it to run to another. 

Warm layers! Ooh, warm! Cozy! Soft!

No! A thick coat is what I need! I shall get a coat! This one looks really warm.

Shiny! This sweater is all shiny and pretty and warm...





My head just exploded, and I'm still cold.

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