08 December 2013


I got up early (for a weekend) with the intention of going to work and getting lots done.  When I got out of the shower, though, my phone had blown up with text messages about the fact that the office didn't have power. Since power is required just to get into the building (electronic keypad, elevators), and since email wasn't isn't working, working today has been rendered an impossibility. 

There are some things that I absolutely have to get done, either today or going in early tomorrow morning, so I feel a little bit anxious, sitting here at the tea shop instead of working, but this also feels like a miraculous break after six days straight of all work related things, all the time.

Instead of working, because I can't work, I picked up a few necessities at t@rget. I watched part of an episode of Battlestar Galactica. I drank tea. And it was good. 

Leaving the t@rget parking lot, for some reason I started thinking of what I will look like when I am old. I hope I have smile wrinkles and a double chin that I don't try to hide in photos of me with the people I love. I hope I smile a huge smile that squishes my eyes shut because I am happy. 

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aman said...

very well written ! peace of mind over wealth accumulation, and view longer life expectancies as a chance to explore new options and/or pursue old dreams.