07 November 2013

7: airborne

Even after all these many flights across the world, it still amazes me that I can wake up (far too early) in one city and by early afternoon be most of the way across the country.  

They have eased the rules on the use of electronics in-flight - you can now play bejeweled on your phone as the plane takes off and lands, as long as it is in airplane mode- and I find it oddly unsettling, because when I have that little box of knowledge in my hands, I keep having urges to do things like check the weather at our destination or quickly check in with someone via text. Very soon, there will be no airplane oasis in the sky. 

Not that I have ever been able to actually work on a plane. Ha! For some reason, my brain turns off on a plane. It might just be instinct, though, based on all the many years of not being able to access anything while airborne. 

Anyone want to place bets on how long it takes before the last flight attendant stops accidentally saying, "All electronic devices must be turned off and stowed during take-off and landing."?

I had to sit in a middle seat on one of my flights which, fine, everyone has to take their turn there every now and again, although I try to avoid it, and so when it happens I try to accept it gracefully rather than revealing the incredible annoyance I feel, but I was extra annoyed today because I am silver premier, people. What use is my loyalty to your airline if you cannot even upgrade me to economy plus? I ask you. 

If I had know that this was so big a plane that it went all the way to an F seat, I would have begged and pleaded at the gate. I saw standby people getting economy plus seats. 

Hopefully this means that my middle seat duty is done for a year or two. 

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