08 November 2013

8: cold

So, the Mitten is cold. It welcomed me with a little spattering of snow this morning, and my ears about froze off when my momma and I went for a walk in the dark.

When I flew in yesterday, everything was rust-colored under a grey sky. This morning, it was all grey and white. And this afternoon, it was back to blue and green and rust.

I got up yesterday morning at 3:45 am Gone West time, for a 4:30 cab to the airport. It felt extremely painfully early and, in fact, it was extremely painfully early.

It worked out great, though, when I fell asleep at 9:30 pm Mitten time last night and slept right on through the night. This is how to overcome jet lag, my people: wake up so insanely early that you can sleep whenever, wherever. Doooo it.

Now I am off to enjoy life off the Internet.

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