24 November 2013

24: imaginary travel

In the evening, on Sunday at least, the bucks of star near my office fills with young Middle Eastern people who I assume are students, based on their age, although they do not bring things like books with them, since they seem to be entirely focused on socializing. 

The groups of men are much larger, and they take up several tables. The group of women is smaller, gathered around one table, and the genders do not interact except when a slightly older married couple comes in with their child and joins the women's table.

I quite like to sit there on a Sunday evening, reading over cases, listening to the sound of Arabic as I work. I don't understand it, so it can't distract me (the homeless guy muttering about the train does distract me, however), and I feel, for a moment, like I could be anywhere in the world. 

In the absence of vacation time enough to really travel, I have to take what imaginary travel I can get.

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