24 November 2013

23: making it, barely

I read somewhere someone's opinion that the first step to changing your life is to make your bed every day.

I've been trying it, but I only remember about 1 in every two days, and so far not much has changed. I guess you have to give it more than a week.

I should also note that my version of making the bed is to pull the duvet up to the pillows. It is very unlike the bed-making my parents do every day, where they fold over the top sheet and tuck it in neatly. I just try to make sure the bed is covered by the comforter. 

Maybe that means I'm doing it all wrong.


I got all my ingredients for the work week today, since I'll be working tomorrow. (I forgot a couple of things for Thanksgiving, but those are all available at the grocery store three blocks from my house.) It's amazing how even my single day off becomes stressful when all the errands for the week have to fit into the one day.

I try to take time to sit in the tea shop, because I need that, but in the back of my mind is the running list of natural foods store, T@rget, Trader Joe's... floss. Don't forget the floss. Being a grownup is sometimes just a constant stream of things that must be done.

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