22 November 2013

22: Firefly

"I should go out and do something," I said, at the post-work debriefing, "but I really just want to go home and watch Episode 9 of Firefly. It's my first time."

There was something of a collective gasp, and my coworker said, "I have to say, I'm really jealous that you are watching it for the first time, and that you are at that point in the series. Just be prepared for some serious disappointment when you get to the end."

"Oh, I've already been warned, from before I started watching it," I said.

"There will be denial, bargaining, acceptance," she said. 

"Serenity does give a little bit of closure," someone else said.

"Not enough," said coworker #1. 

I was introduced to Firefly while I was in the Mitten, and I've been rationing myself ever since. I can't just watch it in marathons, because I know that there are only 14 episodes or so plus the movie. I only watch it when I can devote to it my full attention.

This show was basically designed for me: crew of upright outlaws roams the universe, committing crime and running from some big super-organization. It's like they know me. It's like they had a focus group of one before they invented this show, and that one was me. I am relishing it.

It came out in 2002, when I was heading off to Rwanda, and I have no idea how I have missed it all these years. Why did no one tell me?

Now that I have found it, though, I see references everywhere. There was an article about race and privilege in Firefly that I happened upon this week. 

See also: the car parked in front of me last Saturday.

I need to be friends with this person.

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