21 November 2013

21: proper-like

Every week when I talk to the grandpa in Guatemala* on skype, I look at myself in the little frame on the screen and think how very tired I look.

"I don't think you look tired," my roommate said when I told her this. 

"I don't think you've ever seen me not tired," I said. 

Part of it is that my only two really free time blocks - Tuesday night and Saturday - are given up in favor of learning Spanish.

The good news is that I can see a distinct difference in my Spanish from how it was three months ago. I told someone what was going on in Spanish the other day as we waited for a real interpreter to arrive, and my coworker looked at me in surprise. "I didn't know you spoke Spanish!" she said.

Neither did I, really, until the words came out all proper-like.

* Note: I do not think that the grandpa in Guatemala actually has grandkids. He is just of the appropriate age, and his son is of the appropriate age, that grandkids would be possible. Namely, he is older than my parents, who have grandkids, and his son is older than me, who does not have kids but is of an age to have them.

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