25 November 2013

25: kasha

I meant to come straight home from jits and blog and read some stuff for work and go to bed, but I had some kasha that I had purchased to use for this salad, and I decided instead of doing the logical things to spend my late evening learning how to cook buckwheat instead.

I decided to re-roast the kasha for the sake of non-mushiness (the internet instructions give dire warnings regarding buckwheat's propensity for mushiness), and then I cooked it by absorption, which is a fancy word for "kind of like you cook rice," with some veggie Better than Bouillon and added it to my mixture of squash and feta and pepitas and pickled red onion, and whoa. WHOA. That is some serious flavor. I wanted to eat the entire bowl at once, but that would leave me hungry at lunch tomorrow. 

And then instead of returning to the logical path, I decided to clean the kitchen, because why not? Most of the dishes weren't even mine, but I have a tinge of acts of service in me (ignore the Christianese if it bugs you), and so I set out to do all of the dishes except the jars, because I can't fit my hand into the jars and they make me crazy, but my roommates use a lot of them to store food. 

I did manage to read the stuff for work, but both the blog and the hours of sleep are getting less than I hoped to give them, and right now I don't really care, because I am a night owl and I forget, at night, how I will curse my alarm come 6:20 am.

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