28 October 2012

falling winter

I just really really hate fall. Really.

I like the pretty leaves. I like those crisp sunny days. 

But I hate how the light goes away. 

By the end of October (read: now), I start to feel the heaviness of the coming winter. I can feel the weight of the dark months dragging at me, and I begin again to think that it was a mistake to move north of the 30th parallel.

I hate being cold. I hate short days. I hate dark days. I hate the unending rain.

What am I doing here in long, dark winter-land? I never should have left the tropics.

I moved back to the US for the social life most of all, and I have that here. But sometimes I'm not sure it was worth giving up the endless days of warmth and 12 hour days. It's so much easier to be happy when the sun shines.

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