25 October 2012


There are some grownup things of which I remain spectacularly incapable. 

Exhibit A: Shaving my legs. I probably gouge myself at least 50% of the time while shaving. The other day, while in the middle of what appeared to be a perfectly normal shaving episode, I sliced off a piece of skin more than two inches long and probably a third to a half an inch wide.

How is this even possible? I have been shaving my legs for twenty years! And yet.


I had an invitation to a Halloween party up in Gone West this weekend, but I chose the one here in Universe City instead. Such a thing would have been impossible a year ago. I actually want to be here, in Universe City, with these people. Mind = blown.

I betook myself to the Store of Horrors (W@1m@rt) tonight in search of items to make up my Halloween costume. The party's theme is Create Your Own Superhero, and I am going as Wild Fire, source of warmth and danger. I needed 1. ribbons to somehow attach to my hair (I got red, dark red, and orange), and 2. red fabric for a cape, and 3. bright red lipstick and nail polish. 

There do not seem to be any non-chain stores providing fabric anymore. 

We'll see how my cape-making endeavors turn out. I'm going to be creating this cape with fabric, ribbon, thread, and my own grubby little paws, so it should be interesting.

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