01 November 2012

[1] November

It's November now.

I wrote that and then couldn't think of anything to add for about an hour, because what more is there to say? It is November.

I don't like November very much, even though it has two holidays and one of them is Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday, and even though it means that Christmas is approaching. 

Even with two holidays off work, the month seems so very long.

It's such a gloomy month. The leaves get duller and older. The sky is so often grey (and we all know how I do with grey skies: badly.)

I am not starting off the annual month of daily blog posts very cheerfully, am I? I feel a little Eeyore-ish this month. 

I whine, but there is a pan of my favorite tomato sauce simmering on the stove and another of my favorite stirfry, all set to be boxed up in little containers in the freezer for a week of delicious eating. The last of the summer's tomatoes went into the two pans. The house smells amazing.

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