14 August 2012


If you had told me, c. 1995, that I would one day wear dresses without being bribed and/or coerced, I would have laughed at you. When my grandpa died in 1996, I bought a one piece pants... thing to wear to the funeral. I can't even explain it. Like a jumpsuit? Sort of? I could barely be talked into a dress for an occasional dance at school.

The me of the mid 1990s would be appalled at the me of 2012, who wears skirts and dresses by choice. In fact, right now I wear dresses or skirts every day. I can't remember the last time I wore trousers, other than for fighting class or activities occurring in the woods. 

What I have discovered, other than just a general enjoyment of dresses that Tomboy M. could not have imagined, is how easy dresses are. It's just one piece. You just put it on, the one piece, and there is no fretting about keeping your shirt pulled down or whether your shoes are the right height for those pants or if your clothes match or whatever. It's done. One item of clothing, and you can go. (Only possible in the summer, of course. I love summer.) (Obviously undergarments are a different category. I am talking about visible clothing.)

I am not ashamed that I particularly like a flowy or flippy skirt. There is something so satisfying about the feeling of a skirt flowing about one's legs. 

I really like being a girl.

My momma and the salesperson talked me into buying this royal blue dress last summer. We had stopped at the mall on the way to the airport for me to fly back to Gone West. I was feeling broke, but the dress was cute and on clearance, and I was persuaded. It took me a while to remember that I owned that dress, this summer, but now that I have remembered, I am very much enjoying it. 

If I have learned one thing this summer, it is that a bright, cheerful dress brings out the compliments in force. Feeling down? Bright dress. Coworkers, friends, loiterers, passersby on the street, all appreciate a bright dress. All will comment on the color, and it will make everyone smile.

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