01 February 2008

daily routine

I realized that I directly contradicted myself yesterday. I said that things were all law all the time and simultaneously said that I had done no studying. Both are true. It goes approximately like this:

1. Wake up.
2. Turn on computer, read blogs. Avoid checking email because I might have answer emails if I read them, but if I haven't seen them yet, they don't exist.
3. Wash face, eat breakfast, etc., interspersed with reading more blogs.
4. Play around on internet.
5. Open notes/book about law. Stare at page for 3-5 min.
6. Sigh and lean back, staring at ceiling. Read a few more blogs, if anyone has updated their page in the last few minutes.
7. Moan audibly about the horrors of bar exams.
8. Chat with a few people online.
9. Look at clock. Panic. Frantically pack everything up and go to a coffee shop.
10. Open notes/book about law. Stare at page for 3-5 min.
11. Sigh and decide that practice questions are better than just reading over things that barely make sense. Open that book instead.
12. Realize I need some insulation from the noise in the coffeeshop. Hunt around in backpack for Wilbur.
13. Find Wilbur and start some music. Also find sudoku book and play a few games of sudoku.
14. Chat with weird uptight middle-aged man who asks me if I ever have to guess at sudoku, in between telling his mother "NO! I don't WANT to go to that play." while his wife tries to smooth things over since the mother has clearly spent a great deal of money on season tickets for the three of them.
15. Look at clock. Panic. Frantically start doing practice questions.
16. Finish a reasonable number of practice questions. Notice that it's getting dark. Pack up and go home.
17. Play on the internet for the rest of the night, finally opening and answering any applicable emails around 11 p.m.

I may or may not be exaggerating about this.

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