31 January 2008

i got nothing

Life is all law, all the time, at the moment. It doesn't really make for riveting drama. I went back and re-read my Sudan posts (c. Aug.-Nov. 2007) and laughed hysterically, though. So that's always an option, if you are bored. I also spoke online to a colleague from Sudan who informed me that Tilt "was the worst site, by far" of the sites this colleague had visited in Southern Sudan. I will note that this colleague was THE SAME ONE who told me, before I went to Southern Sudan, that the location was "quite nice, actually." The alleged defense for this blatant lie is that "you wouldn't have come otherwise," a defense that persists despite my having said many, many times that I would have gone, regardless, but I would have gone knowing what I was getting into, which would have been better all around. "I would have gone!" I keep saying, "I thought I was tough! And now I know that I am, because I survived there." (I also gave this person this web address - Hi, G.!)

I'm also infatuated with my own photos. Not photos of me, but photos I've taken. I got a digital camera for the first time right before I moved to Rwanda in 2002, and I've been taking excessive numbers of photos ever since (as an example, I think I have nearly 1000 photos from three months in Sudan - what is that, an average of 10 a day?). Here, now, sometimes I leave my computer on, just to watch the screensaver of photos. Someday soon, I will post some of the ones that have caught my eye recently. But maybe not on a day when it is 20 minutes to 11 p.m. and I have not studied all day and I have to be somewhere at 9 a.m. and theoretically I'm supposed to produce some law for a practice exam at that time.

Just as an aside, can I just say that I lurve this city? And I lurve the alumni who come from my school? So nice! So not like New York! Eh-hem. Yes. Still disparaging New York, eight months after fleeing it. Someone asked me the other day if I ever missed New York and I thought for a while and then said, "The only thing I ever miss is the restaurants. There are some great restaurants in New York." And this is true.

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