24 May 2006


I just answered a call from an unavailable number, which turned out to be C in Liberia, asking about housing contacts because she couldn't get on the internet. Slightly surreal sitting here in New York, sirens passing on the street, ice on my wrist, watching Pride & Prejudice (the long one) to think of my friends there and finding us - me!- a place to live.

Last time we went to Liberia, in 2000, I was excited for months. This time, I've hardly had the time. But I'm beginning to realize that I'm going. Apparently that's what happens when you buy a ticket and get on a plane. You end up somewhere. And where I'm going to end up is in a crowded, hot little arrivals hall in rainy season in Liberia.

They were driving through the streets of Monrovia when they called, where I will be in three weeks. In three weeks, it will be me calling to tell my parents that I've arrived and I'm fine and I'm IN LIBERIA.

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