25 May 2006

silly banks

This morning, I was awakened by my phone ringing. It was United, calling to tell me that my card wouldn't work for my flights to Liberia. Excellent. I called the bank in my half-awake stupor and was informed that the debit cards have a $2000 limit per day, which is a fraud-prevention technique and the only way I can override it is to file a form at my branch office that will permanently raise the daily limit (leaving it more vulnerable to fraud forever). Excellent. I have finally found an actual reason to have a real credit card. First actual reason I have ever heard: because even if you have money, you can't get to it. I probably could have fought with my bank at the branch office and gotten an exception, like I did to have a no-fee checking account and like I did to access my money before the check cleared when I was heading to Tanzania last summer, but I'm not feeling oh-so-great today, so I used my momma's credit card (with permission, clearly) and will write her a check. Apparently there is no limit for checks. Just withdrawals, which includes the debit card. Madness.

In other news, I have a fever. The post-surgery instructions say to call the doctor's office if you have a fever, but the fever seems in no way to be related to my hand (ie. my hand is not hot at all), so I'm taking ibuprofen and waiting. Is that a bad thing? Suddenly worried. I will call tomorrow if the fever is still around. Or am I going to die of an infection if I do that? Oh boy. Calling someone right now.

Left a message. Someone will call me back.

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Malawi Moms Project said...

Have you seen Joanne Jorissen's blog, an American midwife in Malawi? http://babycatching.blogspot.com. I read her and you because through her I have grown to love a continent I have never seen for myself. :)

I hope your fever turns out to be flu (such an odd thing to hope for) and not a problem with your wrist!