23 May 2006

Ladies & Gentlemen...

(I so like the ampersand. Especially in garamond.)

Once again, surgery went better than expected. My ligament was stretched but not torn. I woke up to a bandage rather than a cast, which was good, but didn't completely trust my fuzzy memory of the doctor saying, "There was no tear." until just now, when he called and said, "Oh, yeah, of course." when I asked if Africa will be okay in three weeks.

"OF COURSE." Haven't heard that in a while (over a year) related to my wrists + something good.


Now I must stop typing with one hand and rest so that I will be all healed in time for Liberia, where I will be arriving in three weeks plus 6 hours.

Pain relievers and movies...

1 comment:

traci said...

you are right. the garamond ampersand is quite nice. xoxoxo