17 February 2006

big gap

I don't seem to have anything to say this week.

Kiddo #2 and both parents were sick, so I spent a great deal of time rocking a feverish child and escaping the house with Kiddo #1 in the hopes that the fresh air would keep him from getting sick. We took the bus to and from school ("there was to-ing and fro-ing" - thank you Kinyarwanda interpreters, the memory still cracks me up) because without two kids I was not going to push a two kid stroller and anyway Kiddo #1 is almost four and a half. Surely he can walk a bit. And he chose the bus over the subway because you can see what passes on a bus. We went to lunch at a couple of restaurants (not on the same day, obviously) and created astonishingly large messes in small amounts of time, prompting me to leave large, apologetic tips. We stopped and bought a squeezable, splat-able, stretchable sponge bob that created such jealousy in Kiddo #2 that despite his fever he threw himself on the floor, sweaty orange hair plastered to his head, and screamed, "Ponned Bob! Ponned Bob!" We stuck our feet into the side of EVERY SNOWBANK on our way to one restaurant 6 blocks away. That is a lot of snowbanks, by the way. We were Buzz Lightyear and Miranova trying to release the warmth in the cores of the snowbanks so all the snow would melt.

Now there is almost no more snow and a long weekend of actual days of freedom (presidents of the US, I thank you profusely for your day) and the sun is shiningly lovely and I'm going to get my hair cut with free neck and shoulder massage. Ha.

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traci said...

such a great post. loved it. where can you get your hair cut with a shoulder massage? i want one!