18 February 2006

you know how

sometimes you get amazing hot chocolate for Christmas from the people you babysit for and you love it so much (often eating it plain rather than as actual hot chocolate) that when the container is gone you trek your way over to the store (the one single store in the city) to buy more of it and when you get it home you taste it and it's NOT THE SAME THING so you go back to the one single store in the city and while you are standing in line you hear the salesperson going on and on about how "you would never bring a product back to the supermarket because it isn't crispy enough, so why do people bring things back here?" and you feel really sheepish but not sheepish enough to forego the over $20 that you just spent on hot chocolate that was not actually dark chocolate although it said it was on the box and so you sheepishly explain to her that you are there because your hot chocolate tastes wrong and she looks at you irritatedly but the other salesperson is really nice and gives you a sample of the dark stuff and you tell her "yes, that's what the last box tasted like but this one is not the same, it's sweeter and not as rich" and she gives you a new box and takes your phone number so that the owner can check in with you and the other woman still looks at you as if you have ruined her entire day and then as you are about to leave you hear the people who just came in saying "we bought this box yesterday and it just doesn't have the rich flavor that it usually has" and you feel finally vindicated because IT'S NOT JUST YOU?

Or maybe that just happens to me...

The new box is perfect.

Except that on the way home EVERY PERSON I PASSED knocked into the bag of hot chocolate that I was holding in my hand and/or into my hand. Apparently this is one of my I-am-invisible-please-run-into-me days.

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