13 February 2006

splenda is a mistake

I'm trying reeeeeeeeally hard not to eat sugary things because I despise the drilling in the dentist's office and he tells me that some members of my family get cavities so fast that he can't keep up with them, but I have to say that sugar-free hazelnut syrup in the latte and splenda in the tea latte just do not make the same yummy taste as sugar does. tasteless blechness.

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robin gayle said...

I totally agree - I as well an highly prone to cavaties...and I hate dentists and they hate me, which is weird since I give them lots of money.

Anyways, my aunt is a hygenist and sugar is normally fine - the places where sugar is most likely to give you cavaties is in soda (this is why I switched to diet), hard candy, gummy candy like licorice and mints and gum with sugar. So I vote for leaving the sugar in the syrup and the latte.

And pray for a good dental plan.

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