26 November 2015

smoke and fire

There is a steady stream of smoke rising from the back of my oven. It's not a good sign. I know what's happening - I did not allow the crushed cookie crust to dry completely, and I also broke it when I took the tart pan out of the oven by pushing on the underside of the pan so the edge of the crust fell off, and the honey part of the tart is dripping down onto the bottom of the oven. (T., this is why a tart pan isn't always the best idea...)

Okay, I have come up with a solution. The tart pan is now sitting on baking sheet so that the honey does not drip down into the heating element. 

The stove is sill smoking like mad. It's a little worrying that the smoke detector has not gone off, because the air is hazy.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The smoke detector in the hallway just went off, but not the one in the kitchen. Admittedly, the one in the kitchen is hanging behind a straw hat that is pretty tightly woven. (Don't ask me why we have a straw hat hanging over the smoke detector. It's been that way since before either my roommate or I moved in.)

Thanksgiving dinner at my friend's house starts at 5:30 pm. It's 4:47 now, and my food is not fully prepared. I think I'm going to be the tardy one.

P.S. No actual fire so far. Just charring.

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