27 November 2015


I have my feet up on the coffee table, a cup of chai next to me, and a tiny dog curled at the end of the couch.*  The sun is shining. I'm in the middle of a good book, and I'm still wearing my pajamas. I just hit play on a pandora station.

This is about 1000 times better than putting on real clothes at 5:30 am, or any time ending in am, really, and going out to spend money I don't have.

There really isn't anything I want to buy. There are some things that I need to buy: a plane ticket to the Mitten for Christmas, Aquaphor for that eczema spot on my neck, mouthwash because mine is running low, a haircut. But nothing that I really want. Not badly enough to go to a store especially for that. 

I'm perfectly happy here on the couch, annoying my friends by sending them job postings. (Now that I have a job that I love, I am that annoying job search evangelist: "Just try it! You'll like it!" They are going to get sick of me really fast.)

* I am dogsitting. Not my dog. Bonus: this house has central heating. Luxury.

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