28 October 2015


I woke up Monday morning to cloudy skies. I shouldn't have been surprised - it is, after all, October - but I got used to months of glorious sunshine, and so I was, in fact surprised.

Even though it rained most of the weekend while I was in Universe City.

When I go to Universe City now, it's this lovely place of rest and friends, and I start to wonder why I left. I spent an afternoon in my old office, feeling nostalgic (if I ever go back to that line of work, it would be in that office). I went to a haunted corn maze* with overlapping groups of friends. I spent an afternoon reading books to my friend's one year old. I went to a fancy cider brewery with another set of friends. I drank lots of tea. 

It's all very peaceful and happy. I have to remind myself that when I lived there, 1. I had an actual stressful job to do, and 2. not everyone was free every weekend like they are when I come to town twice a year. 

* I never used to like scary things like haunted corn mazes or haunted houses, but I also went to another haunted thing this year, and they don't really scare me. They get my adrenaline up, because things are jumping out at you, but - and this is key - the jumping out things can't touch you. (Too much liability.) If the jumping out thing can't touch me, I just stare them down. They find it disappointing. I'm a fear-confronter, apparently. 

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