06 October 2015

food, reprise

Another thing that is back: the pomegranates. I seeded about six of them the other day, which was really too many to eat before the seeds got weird (or so I thought at the time), so I put some of them in a ziploc in the freezer. 

It turns out that I can eat about an entire pomegranate a day this early in the season when they are small, so I could have just put them in the fridge.

Instead, I am, at this moment, defrosting each spoonful of pomegranate seeds by holding them in my mouth until they are warm enough to have flavor when I chew them. It works, I guess.

I probably should have taken them out of the freezer earlier. 


My roommate is making sauerkraut. There is a big jar of cabbage and salt and brine on the counter, and it's starting to smell like sauerkraut. 

I'm not sure I can share my house with the smell of sauerkraut.

I really hate sauerkraut.

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